Life Long Wish Granted…



For as long as I can remember back like 200 years ago 🙂 I have been an Eagles fan growing up in South Jersey.  I remember going to Philly to market street to go shopping.

I remember hanging out in the city as I traveled to and from Dover AFB to Atlantic City every month for several years.

I watched both good and bad Eagles teams play on TV at the old Vets stadium in Philly.  I watched other teams come into Philly and beat the Eagles.

I watched the Eagles have good years, beat up on other teams but never able to get over the hump and loose during the playoffs.  But, I stuck by them thick and thin no matter what.

Yeah I got teased a lot by friends because their teams were winning more championships than the Eagles.  But, I never stop being an Eagles fan.  Didn’t know you could do that and not get your A- – kicked back in the Philly/South Jersey area.

Once an Eagles fan always an Eagles fan.

No matter where I have traveled in the world while in the US Air Force, College and across the United States I made it clear I was an Eagles fan.

My daughters were raised Eagles fans and I even converted my wife into Eagles Nation.  Now finally after all these years, after much heart ache and disappointment…

We are Super Bowl Champions

Right this moment I could care less that over teams have more championships.  Right now all that matters is that the Eagles won SUPER BOWL 52. 

I am so happy for all the EAGLES fans all over the world I can’t think about the game without getting emotional.  

All I know right now is that:

We are Super Bowl Champions

Way to go


Philly Philly

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    • Ken Ridings

      Hi Percy, I enjoyed reading post and congrats on the Eagles SB win. Im a Ravens fan so I know how awesome it is win a Super Bowl. I grow up a Cowboys fans since our Colts were taking away from me when I was about 12 I fell in love with the Cowboys. Yes I was not a Eagles fan either but I sure was this year durning the super bowl. You can thank the Patriots for that. Anyway, just want to say I really like your blog and the look of it. I just stared with mine so Im sure looking to spice it up a little. Good luck this year and hope to talk to you soon.

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