Lets’ pick up where we left off in part one with Email Autoresponders List Building Basics Part 2.  I left off talking about the double opt-in requirement each new list subscriber must go through to legally join your list.

Since your subscriber clicked on the confirmation link you have protected yourself from spam complaints.  Your Autoresponder company now has two opt-ins verifying that they did indeed ask for your free offer.  These recorded opt-ins can be used later if someone tries to claim that you are sending them spam emails.

  1. Once the confirmation link in your first email is clicked by your subscriber, a welcome email is then sent to them immediately.  This email should contain a welcome message from you, the link to your free offer.  And a link to your help desk support software and a paid product offer.
  2. Next you will add a series of five to seven emails into your Freebie Autoresponder list.  Set the second email to be sent to your new subscriber the day after your Welcome message is sent.
  3. Now you will email the remaining follow up messages (three to seven) every other day for the next few days.  The purpose for these emails will be to educate and to help your subscribers to get to know, like and trust you.  It is a good practice to provide free content to your subscribers with these messages as well.  You can and should also promote affiliate products and/or your own products in these messages too.  The ultimate Goal with your freebie subscribers is  to get them to buy a paid product or service from you.

    Buyers list or Customer list

  4. This series of follow up emails you create will be for your customers who have purchased something from you (Buyers List).  Continue to help your subscribers to get to know, like and trust you.
  5. Continue to provide free content, training/webinars and affiliate offers to your buyers list subscribers.  But, DO NOT go crazy and abuse the subscribers by sending offer after offer or they will unscribe from your list.

There are a few more steps to learn to building a good, strong list of responsive subscribers.  But these Email Autoresponders List Building Basics can help you get started building your lists. Remember the email list you build may just pay for that new car, house or boat you and your family have been dreaming about.

To get more in depth training regarding list building check out.

Here are the top three email Autoresponders again that I mentioned earlier: Aweber.com, Getresponse.com, MailChimp.com.

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