Decades ago if you owned a business your success often depended on the size of your mailing list or customer base. Today learning Email Autoresponders List Building Basics can help you to build a large mailing list or customer base.   Current email and direct marketing techniques combined together can bring you  a constant flow of customers to your business.

Not so long ago direct marketing and mail order companies like Sears, JC Penny, Spiegel all had huge mailing lists.  Each one of those companies did very well for decades by creating these customer lists.  Online marketers today are using some of the same techniques used by these well known retail giants to build their lists.

In the past obtaining those huge customer lists was expensive, time consuming and profitable for many of these companies.  Today you can achieve the same if not better results with your own mailing lists when you learn some Email Autoresponders List Building Basics.

Instead of creating, preparing and mailing massive mail bags filled with envelopes.  You can simply create an email and sent your marketing message digitally.  Gone are the days of the 50 pound post office bags and boxes with your offer in them.

No, today you can use Email Autoresponders to send out your marketing material to potential customers.  Today you can use your computer as an electronic postmen to deliver your marketing message using Autoresponders.

Email Autoresponders have done away with most of the hard work associated with mass mailing customers. In years past the only way for you to engage a customer on a continuous basis involved a lot of work.  Back then you had to buy a mailing list, create a sales letter and spend a fortune mass mailing your offer to that list.

All in the hopes of getting a 1 or 2% response rate for all your hard work and money spent. Worst still is the fact that you often had to wait weeks to find out if your mail campaign was successful.  Then you were required to repeat this process again and again until you made money or at least recovered your investment.

Email Autoresponders offer a better way?

What if you can acquire customers and build a database just like sales men and women have done for decades.  But, you could do so with only a fraction of the time and costs involved.  You can and people are building sizeable database list filled with paying customers online.

One of the most interesting aspects about an online business is the fact that you can market your business globally.  And that you can get prospects and customers to give you their contact information voluntarily.

This will then allow you to follow up with these prospects and customers indefinitely with your marketing information and product offers.  You can then continue to do so until they either remove themselves or request to be removed from your email list.

Overall the customer acquisition process today is much the same as it was in years past.  But this time using your computer, the Internet and Autoresponders just makes it all so much easier.

Autoreponder System

An autoresponder email system will allow your subscribers interested in your offer to voluntarily give you their email and contact information.  The top three companies that most of the successful Internet marketers and online business owners use most often are and

There is a third option available at that is pretty popular as well and free to use initially.

Many people prefer to start off with the paid services from Aweber or GetResponse because of their reputations, longevity, service and training.  Whichever route you chose to go is up to you.  I have used both paid companies and there are pros and cons to both.  I used MailChimp briefly but choose to continue with Aweber or GetResponse.

Here is a breakdown of the Email Autoresponders List Building Basics you need to start using Email Autoresponders. 

  1. Create an Email Autoresponder (A/R) account using one of the three most popular Autoresponder companies:, or MailChimp.comWrite down your new Username and Password immediately.
  2. Next you will need to set up campaigns and subscriber lists within your account.  Review the training videos and PDFs on the Email Autoresponder company’s website.  This will help to make your setup process much easier for you.  The requirements for each of the companies is pretty much the same but their procedures may be different.
  3. After that you will need to create several lists in your Autoresponder account (Freebie list, Customer list, etc.).  The Freebie list is for people who you are giving away a free opt-in item to. Your customer list is for people who have purchased stuff from you.

    Get a Confirmation

  4. Now before you create any of your follow up emails for your prospects and customers.  Create a thank you confirmation web page.  You can use the confirmation email provided by your Autoresponder company or create your own.  This confirmation web page will advise your subscriber to check their email to confirm that they requested your free offer.
  5. This confirmation web page will contain a subscription confirmation link.

This action on your part is required by law for anyone who fills out your Autoresponder email form on your website or landing page.  It also helps to decrease Spam complaints from those subscribers who often sign up for multiple offers and forget they did so.

Email Autoresponders List Building Basics Part 2

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