Merry Christmas Everybody, as I sit here waiting for the football games to start I am thinking about the past year.  My God has it been a crazy year filled with enough drama to create 3 or 4 movie scripts.  I won’t even try to go into any of the details here because it is just way too much to list out here.

But, as I sit here I know things happened for a reason.  I know I am slowly regaining the drive and focus I once had.  My family is doing well, my health is good (just had a physical) and my online business efforts are looking good.

In Dec 1026 I had a whole different view of the world.  Today 12 months later after a lot of hard work feel good about where I am.

Do I know what lies ahead for me in 2018?  No.

Do I know what I want to accomplish in 2018?  Yeah I do.

I will follow and model my actions in 2018 based on a quote I have had on my wall for many years but kinda forgot.

“When we put faith and trust in our own ability to succeed, more than in someone elses’ ability to provide success for us.  Than life’s opportunities are limitless”

– John Kalench –

I’ve always lived my life like that quote states but somewhere along the way I stopped actually following that advice.  That’s gonna change going forward there is just too much at stake to not follow the words in that quote.

I will end with this, Merry Christmas Everybody.  I hope the new year provides each of you with whatever it is that you want to achieve or do.  I know I am going to focus on being happy, healthy and working hard as always.

Take care


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