That’s no lie, my hosting account got hacked in mid August 2017. I shouldn’t have been given the amount of hacking going on globally.  But, I was in shock when I found out it happened to me.  There I was looking at months, no years worth of work suddenly gone.

I felt like my mind couldn’t compute that fact but, I had to come to terms with this situation quickly. Even though I felt numb, I had to act fast and rest assured it was a crazy few days back in August 2017.

I knew I had to do something to get my sites back online. So I contacted my hosting company only to be shocked a second time.  You see they wanted me to pay them $2000 to clean my account with no guarantee it would be OK.

First my hosting account got hacked. Now my hosting company was trying to stick me with a $2000 charge to fix my account with no guarantees. Talk about having a bad few days.

I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t part with two grand.  Especially with no guarantees naw, that wasn’t gonna happen.

tissue boxSo after cleaning up the used Kleenex tissue off the floor after crying like a baby over my loses.

I put a plan in place to get back online.

1. I checked my hard drive for every backup anything I could find.

2. I searched for and found much of my original documentation and graphics.

3. I searched for a new hosting company with better security.

4. I searched for ways to increase my sites’ security overall from my end (security plug-ins, back up software, etc.)

5. I removed or made inactive all of my unused domains from my new hosting account.

6. I prayed I was making wise decisions.

7. I checked, double checked and rechecked the double check that everything was OK.

Then I slowly stared re-building my websites one at a time.  And wouldn’t you know it.

The hackers came back.

But, this time I was ready for them. This time the safe guards I had put in place kept them out. Now don’t get me wrong they are still trying to get back in several times a week.

And they will probably keep trying for a long time to come.  So I will just keep on using my current hosting company and security measures to keep them out.  It took me 3 1/2 months to get things back online and I am still re-building to this day. But, I managed to get a new hosting company, security plugins and backup software for much less than $2000.

I feel good about my new hosting and security measures.  My hosting account got hacked. But now it is much more secured.  And, yeah the hacking attempts keep coming.

At least now my current hosting company and security measures are working.  Now I am notified on a daily basis when someone is trying to break into my hosting account.

I also get notified as to what was done to block these hacking attempts.  I get to determine some of the security measures being deployed to block future hacking attempts.

Which is fine but, I would rather let the folks at the hosting company and the security plug-ins handle all of that.

You may think you are not at risk but, I am telling you now.  Take a moment and look at your hosting company and their security measures.

locksLook at what you have done to secure your website and then if necessary fix any lapses you find in your websites’ security.

It only takes one or two unsecured areas to provide an opening for hackers. Make sure everything is working so you don’t have to say,
“My hosting account got hacked” one day.

Be Proactive and not Reactive, Proactive is much more
fun and less stressful.

Take care,


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