My New PercyTMiller Website Is Under Construction but I’m almost finished with phase one.  I say phase one because a website like mines is never really done.  At least not as long as you have something others may want to learn or know.  In which case is just getting on growing to phase 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. and beyond.

I’m using the new SmartTheme released by the folks at OptimizePress back in October 2107.  I am also following the Partnership to Success (P2S) coaching program I joined in December 2017.  The P2S program so far has been great.

The training sessions have been short easy to follow step by step videos. The coach John Thornill and his son Alex have done a good job with this coaching course.

This is a year long coaching program that I must tell you now is only for folks who are serious.  If you want to start and build an online business take a look at this program.  People who don’t mind getting into the details and actually learning what is needed to build an online business the right way.

If that’s you I am telling you now joined us.  If your like to delegate and boss folks around to do things for you.  Well you may want to save your money and look at something else.

I have been online for a long time and I have made a few dollars doing a variety of things online but I wasn’t serious.  I understand much of what is being taught so that is allowing me to move quickly through the training videos.  But I have chosen to do kind of a run, stop then run again approach with my training.

What I mean is this.  I am going through multiple videos in one sitting (4 or 5) then I am going back to the beginning and implementing the steps outlined in each video.

Some stuff I can do in a few minutes other things like some of the reading assignments or graphics take a day or two to complete but it’s nothing difficult.  I just have to keep reminding myself that my site will be the foundation for everything I want to do in the future.  So for now;

My New PercyTMiller Website Is Under Construction

Now I mentioned the new theme from OptimizedPress called the SmartTheme is is designed specifically for blogging.  It is a departure from the previous theme the company has offered for years.  But once you go through the training videos, PDF manual etc.  It is not too bad at all.

Now like everything on the Internet folks will find ways to customize the new theme to suit their needs and tastes.  I for one am fine with the current theme but I will keep an eye out for any and all updates.

Building a new website almost from scratch has required a lot of my time but, I know the payoff will be worth the effort.  So as my construction project begins to slow down and shift into a ready-to-go-fishingnew phase I will continue to keep you updated.

For now though I have to keep reminding myself that my new PercytMiller website is under construction but it will be fully operational real soon.  Then I am going fishing, those Large Mouth Bass are going to be Spawning soon.

Y’all take care,



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