A new OptimizePress Smart Theme Launched in late October 2017.  And that is not what I expected as I started my new coaching program with John Thornhill.  But that’s Ok as I have often said to my family, “the only constant in life is change”.   Well here’s a change I did not expect but will embrace.

OptimizePress is one of the top WordPress platforms used by online marketers around the world.  So I am not about to decrease my chances for success and not follow them.  Now don’t get me wrong the new theme threw me off course for a few days because it is a big departure from the previous theme.

I remember thinking I should contact the Partnership to Success folks and let them know their training was not matching up.  But, then I realized I didn’t even know how the theme changed so why call when I wasn’t sure myself what happened.

Turned out to be a wise decision to hold off on the email.  Because the theme may actually make the Partnership to Success training and program even better.  I’m not 100% behind that comment yet but I can see how the new OptimizePress theme will help Johns’ overall training.


Because several steps seem to be built into the new theme by default.  Now of course you will need to turn those features on.  But once done they seem to match up with the steps John wants us to complete.  Time will tell if everything works out the same.

I do know this when I completed a few steps in the training course I ended with with two copies of some of the same features on my site.  Once I removed the features recommended in the course my site was OK and I still matched the courses’ desired results for that section.

OptimizePress Smart Theme

This new OptimizePress Smarttheme has updates already coming out as more features are added and bugs fixed.  I am feeling pretty confident that I will be OK using this new theme.  Because it incorporates a lot of the Partnership to Success training within it so far.

As the phrase goes, “Time Will Tell” but I look forward to using this theme for my blogging and list building efforts from this website.  If it works well I will try it on future sites as well.  Check back again and I will let you know how things work out.

Talk to ya later


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