Old School Business Cards Still Work In Today’s Digital World Part 2 

The Visiting cards of the 17th century have evolved and have been replaced by the business cards that we know of today.  Salesmen have used them for decades to introduce themselves to customers as they peddled their wares.

Today many people feel they don’t need business cards anymore.  Today many people feel business cards are a waste of time, effort and resources.  Especially now that we have the Internet and information sharing apps and various other forms of digital communication.

Rest assured that train of thought is wrong

And it may just be the edge you need to gain an advantage in today’s Internet age for your customers to remember your business compared to your competitions’ business.

I know you may be thinking a business card?


Yep and here’s why Old School Business Cards Still Work In Today’s Digital World.  And why you may want to get one designed and start handing them out everywhere you go:

  • Business cards are mini billboards that advertises you or your business to customers.
  • Business cards show that you are a professional.
  • Business cards give you and potential customers the ability to follow up.
  • Business cards provide a personal touch missing in our current digital age.
  • Business cards are great conversation starter with a stranger (i.e. future customer).
  • Business cards provide a positive first impression of you and your business.
  • Business cards contain all of your vital contact information needed by customers.
  • Business cards help customers to remember you after your initial meeting.
  • Business cards are cheap, portable (mobile) and easy to give away.  Just hand them out.
  • Business cards are expected by other professionals, they demonstrate you care and your professionalism.
  • Business cards eliminate the need to look down at your cell phone to add someones’ contact information into your phone. They help you to maintain eye contact, check out body language and keep the conversation going. Which allows both you and your potential customer to just talk like we use to do all the time.
  • Business cards eliminate the need for you to worry about if someone has the same information sharing app you have on your phone.

What’s your Number?

When you hand out business cards your customers and potential business partners don’t need to ask for your email or phone number, etc.  Because all of your contact information is already on your business cards.  No one will have to guess at what you do or what type of business you are running because it is on your business card.

A lot of people complaint about how impersonal our communications with each other have become as the Internet has evolved more and more into our daily routines. Your business card can help reverse that process and become the starting point for an ongoing dialog between you and your customers.

Don’t be fooled by all the younger folks telling you that business cards are old school.  Or that nobody uses them any more or that you are wasting money and time handing out business cards.

When you get responses like that and others, politely ask whomever it is you are talking to at the time.  To, name three forms of advertising that has been in continuous use for the past four centuries.

Ask them if any of their 3 choices other than the good ole business card meet the following criteria:

1.  It’s mobile

2.  Cost effective

3.  Slightly changed in four centuries and still works well today?

You probably won’t get three correct answers because not too many other forms of communications meet that criteria.

Building a business takes a lot of work and when you are trying to build your own business every step you complete along the way feels good.  And when you reach the point where you can order some business cards it’s a big deal.

Getting that first box of business cards will give you the business owner a sense of pride and a sense of accomplishment.  It adds an air of professionalism to your efforts and it strokes your ego to see your company logo and business name on a stack of business cards.

I know you need a website and all of today’s technology to help grow and promote your business.  But, you will be surprised that you can attract customers with a humble business card.  They’ve been around for over four centuries and they are still as powerful a form of introduction and advertising as there has ever been.

Old School Business Cards Still Work In Today’s Digital World.

Make it a goal to hand out one business card a day. The long term rewards will be worth it.


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