Old school business cards still work in today’s digital world.  Surprised? You shouldn’t be.  How many times have you heard the phrase “what’s old is new again”? How many times have you just stared at an image in a magazine advertising the latest new must have item and you found yourself thinking that’s not new we wore those or did that when I was younger?

I know it’s crazy, look around you for a minute look at all of the digital gadgets and new fangled electronic items that are now part of your life. Items that you really believe you can not do without or your business will just collapse.

21st Century Marketing with Business Cards

Now ask yourself this, of all the things you have in your business today what is the most important item that you must have in order for your business to grow and prosper.

Customers . . .

If you said customers you are absolutely correct, with customers you can make a fortune and without them well lets just say your business is not going do very well. It doesn’t matter how many fancy computers , tablets and smartphones you have.  No matter how great of a video presentation your sales people can create.

Your business is in deep trouble without customers coming through the door.  Be it the physical door or a virtual door on the Internet to your website you need customers.  More importantly you need loyal repeat customers who know, like and trust you and your company.

Getting customers is a challenge for every business and in today’s fast paced Internet world grabbing a customers’ attention is a daunting tasks at times.


Well despite all of the advantages we have gained with the Internet, email and video marketing online much of today’s advertising has become impersonal and too hyped for most people. You don’t know if the guy or gal whose website you are visiting or video you are watching is really them or if they are even legit.

Now let me ask you this, when was the last time you attended a Seminar, a health fair, a meetup, charity event, a conference of any kind, a continuing education lecture, etc?

Depending on the setting, the topic and the people there you may have actually run into a few folks who you wanted to get more info from.  Maybe you wanted to buy the presenters new book, training course or you just wanted to talk to them in a little more detail.  But, you weren’t able to do so at the event so you grabbed one of their business cards.

A business card?

Yep a business card that 3.5” x 2” piece of card stock that has been one of the best forms of introduction and advertising known to mankind for centuries. Here’s the thing to remember, Old School Business Cards Still Work In Today’s Digital World

In fact according to an article I read visiting cards or visite biletes as business cards were once known as, have been in use since the 17th Century in Europe. “The footmen of the aristocracy or royalty would present the cards to the servants at the home of a host to announce the impending arrival of a distinguished guest” to the home of the host.

Business card exampleHow cool is that to know that the act of handing out business cards came about as a result of 17th Century Aristocrats and upper society folks passing out visiting cards to announce their arrival at someones home?

You in essence are doing the same today publicly with your business card each time you pass one out.  Today, you can capture your customers attention and potential business if your business card is presented in a tactiful and professional manner.

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