Today my wife and I sat down to map our #1 Financial goal for 2018.  And we decided to take a slightly different approach this year compared to other years.  Instead of focusing on making more money, which is always a good goal.  And yes, that is on our list.

But this year our focus is to use our current income and other sources to decrease our debts by 60% in the next 12 months.

Now we may not have as much debt as some and we may have more than many.  However, here’s the thing we are tired of owing money to anyone.  So it’s time to remove this financial burden and keep more of our money in our pockets.

I did some checking a few months back and I noticed that we have money sitting in a savings account earning next to nothing interest wise.  And here we are paying these stupid creditors between 2.99% to over 20% a year.

That’s gonna stop with the quickness in the next few days.  Our goal is a 60% reduction in our credit debts in one year.  It’s time for us to stop helping to pay for the bonuses the CEOs of our creditors are getting each year.

I am not against any company earning a profit I just don’t want to continue wasting money.  Years ago I had one bill, a student loan.  Today years later we have many more credit bills than we should have.

Kids, emergencies, stupidity and a lack of knowledge over the years led to an increasing number of credit bills.

Our #1 Financial Goal for 2018?

credit card & cashWe really want to get rid of these XXXX credit bills ASAP.   60% this year and the balance in less than 18 months.  Is it going to be tough? Maybe, but we have a plan that goes into effect in a few days from today (Jan 11, 2018).

I know 18 months may seem like a short time frame but it’s time.  It’s time to free ourselves from the credit maze we let ourselves get into for too long.

We use to live on much less credit than we allowed ourselves to get sucked into.  And we felt much wealthier as we paid cash for the things we needed and wanted on a daily basis.  It’s time to return to the good ole days of living within our means again.

Now before you ask, no we are not in a financial bind.  Truth is we just really want to live as debt free as possible.  We want to earn interest on our investments instead of paying interest on our debts.

As far as my wife and I are concerned this is not a wish or one of those we hope we can do it things.  No this is something that we plan to start implementing in few days.  And no we won’t have to eat baked beans for 18 months to make this goal a reality.

It will take a little focus and discipline to achieve this goal but man we are up for the challenge.

So with that said I will end this little post now and I’ll let you know how we progress with our #1 financial goal for 2018.

Take care,


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