The Cold and Flu Season 2017/18 needs to move on now. We don’t appreciate you hanging around any longer, you are free to go.  Don’t come back now ya hear. We really prefer better guest during the holidays and yThe Cold and Flu Season 2017/18 Needs to Move Onou sir have over stayed your welcome son.

Get, get on now get to steppin we’ve had enough already.

Man has the Cold and Flu season made it’s presence known in our household over the past two and a half months. But we are evicting the bug out, can’t take no mo.  We’ve have enough of you sir.

The 2018 Spring season is starting this week so this is our pre-Spring cleaning notice to the Cold and Flu bug.


We were all doing so well health-wise until you arrived, no sneezing, coughing, none of that.  Then you made an unannounced visit, so rude you could have called first so we could have prepared for your arrival.  But, no that’s not your style is it?  You just had to just pop in and get everybody sick one by one.  Well just like an unwanted guest it’s time for you to go and not return.

Yep the the Cold and Flu Season 2017/18 needs to move on. We have all of our Summer time complaints about how hot it is or it’s too humid ready to go. So you can go now, look at the calendar you’ve over stayed your welcome.  Time to leave.  Hope not to see ya next year.  Come on now lets go, pack it in son get to steppin.

Time to do some fishing, bike riding, go for a walk without the heavy coat etc. we are ready for trumpet please “Allergy Season”.  But, we don’t care all we know is that the Cold and Flu season 2017/18 needs to move on.

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