A few days ago I got an unexpected reminder that, “We all need a backup plan”.  You see I received an email from my former boss a few days before Christmas 2017.  I thought it was a little odd considering I had not spoken to her in over two years.

In times past I would have waited to respond. But, something in the initial email felt different so I sent a quick reply back.  Not thinking much of it until a second and third email arrived.  I decided to call directly to figure out what was going on.  Needless to say I wasn’t prepared for the information I was about to receive.

My former boss and friend advised me that the business we all helped to build was in a tough situation.

I didn’t know what to feel because I had a wave of mixed emotions come over me.  It was crushing news to say the least.  I worked for this company for 13+ years and only left them within the past two years.  Suddenly the industry wide changes in our profession was claiming another victim.

This is why we all need a backup plan.

A back up plan (i.e. alternative income source) can provide a sense of security for the future. The owner of this company is going to be forced back into the work force.  Not because they were bad business owners heck the business was open for almost 20 years.

No, unexpected changes in the industry and not diversifying may have caused the demise of this business.  And the future incomes for many of my co-workers.

We All Need A Backup PlanWe all need a backup plan.  What’s your plan?  Are you taking steps today to ensure you can pay your bills, eat or have a place to live? Who can you trust with your financial future?

I left my previous career because I felt the changes were becoming too much.  I left because I did not want to be humiliated day after day.  Trying to please company executives who I felt were not being honest with me and my co-workers.

I left to be happy again and to find a new way to contribute and use my skills.  Has it been hard?  A little bit, but I know things are gonna what out.  My wife and family didn’t understand initially but now they do.  Today they are supportive more than I could have imagined.  And I love them for being here for me.

Two years ago I stepped away from a career I truly loved because of changes beyond my control.  Changes that I felt were only going to get tougher to deal with. Those changes made me feel as if I was part of a conspiracy.

I needed some time to take care of a few personal matters but today my focus is clearly on building an online business.

Take a moment and look at your life, look at what it is you really want to be doing.  Remember we all need a backup plan.  Could that thing you really want to do be your backup plan.

Start preparing now you may need that backup plan sooner than you realize.

Take care,


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