Let me ask you a question.  What are you doing with your time online?  Are you working on that online business you said you wanted?  Are you getting distracted and frustrated each time you sit down to work on your website project?  I use to find myself losing focus at one time when I started looking at building a website.

It’s not hard to do there is so much to see on the Internet it is easy to get distracted.  But if you’re like me you probably have a job, you need to sleep,  go on walks etc. etc.  All of those things and more cut into the time you have to even get on the Internet.  Now add in the fact that you are unable to maintain your focus online and you just are not getting much done.

Don’t feel bad you are not alone here, a lot of people have the same problem.  I know I did for a while then I decided to change how I worked online.  The difference this small change has had on me and my online efforts has been great.

My time back then was limited with other obligations.  I knew that there was just so much to learn to build a website, create a product, generate traffic, etc. That’s when I started asking myself, what are you doing with your time online?

I just felt like I was not getting much done because I was going in multiple directions way too often.  I knew I needed to do something different from what I had been doing.  So here’s what I did and how I learned to build my websites and get more done online.

I decided to divide my time up into thirds.

1/3 of my time was for doing research.

1/3 of my time was spent reading what I had found, studying that information and practicing how to use the information and research I had found.

1/3 of my time was then spent implementing the things I learned to (build websites, create graphics, write sales copy etc.)

Once I started doing this with my time I noticed 1) an immediate decrease in my frustration, 2) I felt a sense of direction.  And 3) I found myself starting to get things done.  It felt good to be able to step back as I moved through different phases in my learning curve to see where and how I was making progress.  I could actually see various projects coming together and things taking shape.

Now don’t get me wrong there are still days when I can’t concentrate as I would like on certain planned task for that day.  But now once I realize I can’t focus on that particular task on a give day I again ask myself, What are you doing with your time online today?

When I find myself not being productive I set that task aside and go to one of the other thirds of my formula.

If I can not get my mind to focus on building my website that day I may go do some research or practice doing some graphics creation.  I have learned to move away from that which my brain may be resistant to at a given time to something I can focus on.  And this mental shift has really helped me to get more done overall.

Give Your Brain a Break

Brain burnout

There is a lot to know when it comes to getting online either for yourself or your business.  Stop trying to do it all in one week.  Stop over loading yourself with too many task all at once.  Create a schedule for yourself as to when you will do each task and what you want to do at that given moment.

But remember this if your mind doesn’t want to focus on one tasks, modify your plan and do something else for a little while.

You can always come back and start the first task over again.   Here’s the thing to remember, you will always find yourself getting distracted by something online.  It’s OK but don’t let it upset you and frustrate you so badly that you repeatedly start asking yourself What Are You Doing With Your Time Online?

If you are asking that question too often and not seeing any results.  Well maybe it’s time you got a little more organized and try a different approach then the one you’ve been using.

Take the time to give my 1/3rds method a try and you may just surprise yourself with how much more you start getting done like I did.

Gotta go this 1/3 of my time is all used up.



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