Who can you trust with your financial future?  Certainly not the folks with the corner office and more company perks than everyone in your department combined.

During the past few years several major US corporations have been accused of massive accounting fraud and financial trickery with their accounting numbers.  At the same time you were busting your rump trying to make ends meet.

What’s going on here?  Aren’t these the very companies many of us spend our careers trying to work for?  The companies we were led to believe would help us fund our kids education, our retirement, vacations, etc.

No, this isn’t a story about the collapse of corporate America.

However, it is a story about the millions of people who believed in their company, the leadership. Millions of people who fought through the office politics for promotions, worked late every week and on holidays. Millions of people who gave up time with their families. People who in some cases destroyed their health doing company work, invested in the company retirement plan, etc., etc., etc.

Only to see all of that effort, sacrifice, retirement planning and money vanish when the company and the stock market crumpled.  No, this story is about doing everything you and millions like you were advised to do over the years to be successful in life.

You know go to college earn a degree, go to work for the top company in your area of expertise. Buy a house with a white picket fence, yada, yada, yada.  Only to see everything you worked so hard for suddenly being taken away with little to no warning.

Now as you look around you and you look back over your career, look back over the past few years what do you feel?   What would you do differently if you could? How about when you look at how incredible the past year has been or if you look forward financially?  What do you see? What do you feel your future is going to be like?

More importantly ask yourself the following question.

“Who can you trust with your financial future?”

Who can you trust to ensure you reach your financial goals today, tomorrow and into the future?  Answer:  You

You can only trust yourself to get you what you want out of life.

Don’t get me wrong you will need help from other people around you.  But, ultimately it’s up to you, not your boss, company, stockbroker, cousin Bob or anyone else.   If you don’t reach your career and financial goals you want to achieve you can only blame yourself.

Yeah, I’m upset like everyone else about what’s happening in corporate America.  Probably more than most because I worked for several companies that sold me a bill of goods about loyalty, commitment, team building, etc., etc., etc.

And I too got burned (excuse me fired) when those companies crumpled for various financial reasons.

I’m mad because I had other financial options come my way that would have protected me and my family from the hardships we and millions like me are facing and/or will have to face shortly.

Financial options (i.e. home based business opportunities) that could have provided me with a financial safety net.

A financial safety net that can allow each of us to protect our income, standard of living and reach our long term financial goals (i.e. comfortable, stress-free retirement, college money for the kids, nice vacations, etc.).

Fortunately, we’ve all been given a second chance. A chance to avoid repeating past mistakes and better prepare ourselves for a brighter financial future.  What do I mean by that comment?

I’ve taken the necessary steps to build a financial safety net for my family and myself.  I decided to join the ranks of the self-employed home-based business owners.  Now, I realize starting a home based business is not for everyone, some people like going into work. Dealing with office politics, stress and the uncertainty that comes from being an employee.

I know I don’t, especially not in the present corporate environment that’s been unfolding for the past few years (lay-offs, decreasing stock market, unheard of corporate corruption, etc.).

So again I ask you, who can you trust with your financial future?

Answer:  Youself-confidence

How do you ensure your financial future is what you want, what you had planned for, what you dreamed it would be and still can be?

Answer: You implement your own five-step financial action plan.

1: Decide you will build yourself a financial safety net.

2: Associate with and learn from people who can help you reach your goals.

3: Develop multiple streams of income.

4: Start you own business.

5: Save and invest your money wisely.

No, that’s not everything you’ll need to do but, it is a good set of guidelines to start with.  Of course each one of these steps will need to be expanded upon but, for now I just wanted to give you an outline to start with.

Again I ask you, “Who can you trust with your financial future”?  And if you’re ready to step up to the plate and do what you need to do to help yourself financially?

You know I read an article once that talked about the fact that in 1790, ninety percent of the U.S. population worked for themselves.  Today ninety percent of the population works for someone else.  Who do you think felt more secure about their income and their futures?  The employee of today or the self employed of yesterday?

The self-employed of today and of decades past all earned an above average income.  And the super rich of both eras diversified their incomes through multiple income streams.  Thus guaranteeing themselves money for food, shelter, clothing, housing, fancy vacations, retirement planning, etc. short term.  While they were also building wealth for the long term through multiple income sources.

You can learn a great deal from the self-employed and the super rich, like:

  1. How to protect yourself financially.
  2. How to earn an above average income by starting your own business.
  3. What to do to become more financially successful and achieve your goals.
  4. How and why you should develop multiple income sources and much much more.

You know I once heard someone say the only constant thing in life is change.  Change can be good or change can be bad. Sometimes we don’t have control over the changes that occur around us.  Which leads to increased fear and uncertainty.  The best tactic to use regarding change is to, change what we can, accept what we can’t and prepare for future changes if and when possible.

There’s a strong likelihood that there will continue to be issues with corporations not conducting themselves or their employees and shareholders, as they should.  Changes will continue to occur in the stock market, lay-offs will continue.  Global changes will continue to make the world a dangerous and challenging place at times.

All of which will affect you and your family financially in one way or another.

But, you can protect yourself from the coming changes by following your own 5-step action plan. Implementing your own 5 step action plan will provide you with a financial safety net to handle any future changes in the economy, on wall street, on main street or even in your current job.

As you consider the info you’ve just read remember the following:

Yesterday was here and is gone forever.

Today is right now.

Tomorrow can be what you plan it to be today.

Take advantage of today, plan, build and prepare for tomorrow.  Regain control of your financial future today and create the life you want. Achieve goals you’ve set for yourself long ago.  Dare to dream, Pursue your dreams, Live your dreams.

Percy Miller, Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved

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